Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Day Drive To Bristol

The fun part of our nomad lifestyle is being able to decide on a moments notice what we want to do. We saw an ad with the little Geico gecko standing in Bristol over the state line marker of Tennessee and Virginia and said I want to do that! It was only 1 1/2 hours away so a good day trip.

We stopped for lunch in the cute town of Morristown. The downtown area was like taking a trip back in time. It was interesting how it was set up for 2 levels. We checked Trip Advisor for recommendations for a local restaurant and found The Dutchman. I enjoyed a Rueben sandwich and fries while Bruce had the French Dip and baked potato. We had a good laugh over their bathrooms. We never figured it out but Bruce walked in on a lady...

Very nice scenic drive, found the downtown area and a place to park. Nice to have our little Honda instead of the F250 in places like this. There's not that much here but did find Uncle Sams. I thought in was a general store but it is a pawn shop, oh well, talked with a nice clerk about the geeko commercial and off we go to stand in the middle of the street for our photo ops.

                                         Straddling the state lines of Tennessee and Virginia in Bristol!

We strolled down the street, laughing how we'd cross the state line several times. Decided we could use a snack and a beer so went into Quaker Steak. They would not let me bring my tea in say "people try sneaking in alcohol" Really? It's that big of a deal that on a hot day they won't let me keep my tea or even offer to replace it when we leave? I will not give an establishment my money that has that kind of customer service!

Again, looked up Trip Adviser for another place to go. Cootie Brown's they say, so off we go! What a wonderful choice!! Hot wings and ice cold beer at happy hour. A great server, Jimmy, took wonderful care of us.

When in Bristol you have to go by the speedway so next stop on our way out.

What a wonderfully fun spur of the moment day!

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