Thursday, March 21, 2019

Pahrump, NV.

We left Yuma on March 12th and headed for the Nevada Treasure RV Resort in Pahrump, NV for a 1 month stay. This will be a stopping point to kill time on our way to Coeur d'Alene, ID for the summer. It's still way too cold to go north and the park won't open until late April or so depending on weather.
We head out about 9 AM and as luck would have it, we hit rain in numerous areas of Arizona and California. The occasional road flooding at the low water crossings slowed us quite a bit. It should have been about a 6 hour drive, but the weather and some road construction extended us to a little over 7 hours. We arrive at the resort around 4:30 and it's a real nice place. We get site 3-3 which is listed as a "long premium lot" complete with a gazebo and an outdoor kitchen. The motorhome and the Cadillac are disgusting filthy from the trip in the rain. The car's windows looked like they were painted brown as you could literally not see out of any window. Once we got parked I headed for the nearest car wash to get most of the grime off. I got it looking much better, but I was hungry and tired so I'll wash it again in a day or two. The resort does not allow washing so you have to use "their guy" for motorcoach washing. He supposedly brings his own water and the price is very reasonable.

                                                             Our outdoor kitchen

$70 later and we're back in business with a clean coach.

Our site, #3-3

   .        The sites are nice and we have a very nice view of the mountains from our windshield.

As far as amenities go, this place is awesome. The main clubhouse has a state of the art fitness center with many machines and free weights. Also both the men's and ladies' locker rooms have a hot tub, sauna, and a steam room. I'm enjoying the workouts!

                                               The swimming pool area is extremely nice.

The resort also has a gift store, free book exchange, free DVD movies,  it's own bar and grill, and six lane bowling alley.

Being only an hour from Las Vegas we just have to go spend the day. The sights and sounds of Las Vegas just never get old. Stopped for a cold drink and then some dinner at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, but I must say Las Vegas prices are getting out of hand, they're not the bargains they used to be.

                                              Awesome Aston Martin cruising The Strip.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Oklahoma for the Holidays

We get home to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in Oklahoma with family, and oh boy did we get to see some crazy weather. Oklahoma had a good round of snow for the season!

                                                Didn't plan on this when we came home!

                                                       Beautiful sunrise after the snow.

                                           A rare beautiful sight seeing snow on Mt. Scott.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Winter in Yuma, AZ

After a wonderful Christmas visit with family at home in Oklahoma we went to Yuma, AZ to visit Kathy's brother and his wife. We had numerous cold days and even had some heavy snow to deal with.

Off to Yuma in search of warmer weather. During our trip we decided to stop again at Elephant Butte State Park and Truth or Consequences, NM. Of course we had to visit the River Bend Hot Springs for a nice relaxing dip in the spa while overlooking the Rio Grande River.

We arrived in Yuma and stayed on a private lot in the Foothills area.  Our friends Tom and Cindy Inskeep were already here in Yuma so we got to hang out with them and visit Kathy's brother James.
During a full moon they have an event called "Howling at the Moon" hosted by country music musician Kelly Hughes. Saturday night, Jan 20th was the full moon party held just a few miles down the road from us in the desert. A crowd of about 2500 fun loving people attended and we had a great time with food, drinks, fun, and lots of music. yes, the crowd howled at the moon as it rose above the mountains.

Fun with Tom and Cindy.

                                             Some people even dressed for the occasion.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Heading Home To Oklahoma Nov, 2018

After our summer at the Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort, it's time to head back home to Oklahoma. We are anxious for cooler weather and to be with family. Our first leg of the journey was from Webster to Holt, Fl where we spent one night at Eagle's Landing RV Park. It's a no frills park, but it was clean with spacious sites. It was fine for a over nighter.

Since bad weather was in the forecast for Oklahoma we detoured to Bay Saint Louis, Ms and the Silver Slipper Casino RV Park. It also is a no frills park but it is across the street from the beach and we have nice views. We booked the site for three days, but now heavy thunder storms are forecasted for the day we planned to leave, so we may extend our stay. We do our best to avoid inclement weather as it's not worth the chance to travel in it.

                                         Nice sunrise and views of The Gulf from our site.

So we did a little exploring and found a nice local restaurant named "Shaggy's". It was on the beach, food was good, and the staff great. Time for seafood!

Plenty of photo ops in the marina areas.

After leaving Bay Saint Louis, Ms we had a nice smooth trip to Shreveport, La where we stayed once again at Diamond Jack's Casino RV Park. We had some nice weather which makes for nice stops at the rest area for lunch.

We arrived at Diamond Jack's and stayed in site 35.

It's a decent place to stay, but it does have a train track very close and you get noise from the trains.

We arrived safely back in Lawton, Oklahoma and are parked for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

President Trump Rally

On July 31st, 2018 we had the honor of attending a President Trump Rally in Tampa, FL.  The gates were scheduled tom open at 4 PM so we figured we'd get there a couple of hours early and go shopping....Wrong! As we drove by the fairgrounds at about 2 PM we saw a huge crowd that had already started gathering the night before. So we decided to secure a decent parking spot before it got out of hand.  We spent about 2 and a half hours in the hot humid Florida weather with thousands of the nicest friendly people you can imagine. Everyone got along just fine and we had a blast.

The crowds were so big that I started to worry that we might not be able to get in, but after a long wait, we made into the venue. The energy was simply electric, what a crowd.

I usually don't buy or wear caps, especially political stuff, but one vendor had this cap and I just had to have one. I think it's awesome!

Attending the President Trump rally was definitely an experience we will not forget, it was such a memorable evening. Thank you President Trump!

I might add that there were some people who stood out a bit...LOL

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Stateroom Decoration

We got tired of the boring mirrors on the closet doors, so Kathy decided it's time for a tropical bedroom decor.

Step one in the remodel was changing the closet doors, so she ordered shower curtain fabric from Amazon.  Now to measure and cut the fabric to fit.

The material and some watered down Elmer's Glue gave us this result. Assuming the glue holds, this turned out very nice.

                               Next she wants a bedspread that will match a little better.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Front End Restoration

Most Class A coaches have a protective film on the front end usually by 3M or Diamond Shield. After some time, this film gets damaged by yellowing, cracking, or mold under the film. Our coach was no exception so it was time to start the task of removing it. I started with the passenger front bottom corner and worked about two hours a day removing the film and the adhesive. If you're lucky the bigger the piece you can peel off at a time, the less adhesive residue is left. After two days I got this piece looking from this:

                                                                        To this:

I've experimented so far with plastic razor blades to start the peeling of the film, and then I used some old "Scratch Doctor" polish I had to help remove the adhesive. The polish actually is doing a good job, but I got some "Goof Off" adhesive remover to see if it will make the job a little easier.  It does okay so I will use it up and then try a different product next.
I then bought some expensive "GraphXOff" and it really screwed up some of my paint. As instructed, I tried some on an inconspicuous place and I saw no problems. I then put some on by the headlight and it ruined the paint job. I contacted the company, Auto Trim Design, and it was basically "tough luck, your problem" so they really suck. I did not want to use any more since I have no idea where it may eat the paint next.

I then went to the over the counter "Goo Gone" and it made the removal of the adhesive so much easier. I peel the decal off as much as I can to minimize the remaining adhesive and the Goo Gone takes it off with very little effort. I wish I would have kept track of my hours, but total is roughly 20 hours of work. Look at the left side of the body compared to the right, this is with Goo Gone.

Overall, I enjoyed it as I save about $750 and I worked at my pace with my stereo on. I finally finished the project and she looks good. The paint under the 3M decal was still very nice.

                                                                      From this

                                                                          To this!

 During this process I noticed the headlight lenses had fogged terribly. Using the Turtle Wax Polishing Compound the fog was instantly cleared off. What an awesome find!

                                                      The lenses turned out very nice.