Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Refrigerator upgrade project.

We decided to come back to Tucson, AZ and do another stint as workampers at the Tucson/ Lazydays KOA. Once again Kathy is very busy in the reservation office with many customers and all the issues that come along. While we are here we decided to do a upgrade to our refrigerator and change it to a residential style since there are so many issues with the original Norcold RV unit . We found the one that would fit in our current space at Lowes and purchased it. It's a Whirlpool with no frills, just a basic black unit but it will give us a couple of extra cubic feet of storage space. Liberty RV Service got the job for the conversion and they did a great job. We had to remove the driver side window to get the new refrigerator in since our entry door opening is too small. But we also had an issue with that window fogging up all the time, we decided this is the perfect time to get it repaired also. Little bit of a bumpy start with National Auto Glass but they did finally pick up the window that Liberty RV had already removed. The new refrigerator fit great, and so far we are very pleased. I am really tired of the inefficient operations of the Norcold RV refrigerator. They don't work very well in warm climates and it was always so frustrating.
The last part of the project was trimming out around the refrigerator. We bought trim from Lowe's, Kathy applied the black stain, and we nailed it up. Turned out pretty nice if we can say so ourselves. This project ended up costing much less than we anticipated, so yes, we are more than happy.

This foggy driver side window was removed for repair and to install the new fridge.

The old Norcold 1210IM RV refrigerator

The new Whirlpool residential refrigerator is in place!

Kathy applying the black stain to the trim.

The finished project!

2015 NE Tour to Maine

Well we spent a few months on the road and went all the way to Maine. The area is beautiful and we so enjoyed the Bar Harbor area and all it has to offer, including eating the Maine lobster! We headed south down the east coast and did our best to avoid places like New York City, Boston, Washington DC, etc. That part of the country is a challenge for sure in a 40' motorhome. The toll charges alone were scary enough! It cost us $24.75 just to cross the Tappan Zee bridge in New York, and then $16 here, $12, there, etc. It was crazy. And then we had to watch for the many exits that were marked "No Trucks" or something to that effect. If the road can't accommodate trucks, it's probably not good for us either.      
                                          This is a real nice lighthouse on the Maine coast.

On a water tour of the coast and islands

A real live Maine lobster

Beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine