Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Everyone is doing better! Yea! - November, 2012

Sept 19 - Nov. 1 has been a very emotional time for us! First Ryan's accident, then Bruce's mom has surgery on both of her legs.
Ryan continues to slowly but surely improve with each passing day. He is still at OU Medical Center but is in stable condition. They did not have to amputate his leg, they have put in external fixators and did a skin graft, so far, so good! They have also fixed his cheek bone and removed all 3 chest tubes. Mentally he is slowly coming back too. Able to shake his head to respond to questions, and told his brother David that his leg hurt. Such little things can mean so much!!
Ryan on 11-5-12 posted by his momma on FB
 Bruce's mom - she has had vascular problems with both legs for a while now. She had decided that the pain was more than she could bear and was going to go through with an amputation. Again, Thank God, that Jeannette and Blake convinced her to go see Dr. Milton in OKC!! We met with them for his evaluation - he believed he could save her legs with bypasses! On her 1st bypass he were able to use her own vein and though a painful recovery, within a couple of weeks that legw as so much better! The color was back to normal and pain was much better, now for the other leg. That one he was unable to use her own vein so had to use an artificial one, recovery seemed to be more painful for her but at her followup appointment he gave her a rave review!!
My allergies have been so bad that we've decided to head down to Galveston to see if I can get better now. Continued praise to God and continued prayers for healing for all.

My Nephew is involved in a serious motorcycle collision - Sept. 19, 2012

I got a little behind on my blog, I'm sure you've been wondering what has happened to us! LOL So a little catch up is in order today...
Aug-Sept 18 we continued pretty much as before, working and playing in Colorado. We had a great time at Mountain View RV Resort and touring southeast Colorado in our off time.

Sept 19 - called to wish my brother a happy birthday then the day went downhill from there. His son, Ryan, was riding his motorcycle (without a helmet, darn him!) when a school bus ran a yield sign and hit him! He was even ran over by the front wheel of the bus! The events as I understand them....
- Our daughter, Stacy, called me crying uncontrollably, I couldn't even understand her. Did get that Ryan was hit and in serious condition. Asked me to call the rest of the family, they had not been able to get a hold of James (my brother) or Dad yet. I tried to call my sister, Linda but started crying and handed the phone to Bruce who finished telling her what we knew so far, which wasn't much. Ryan had been hit by a bus, he was at Memorial and may not make it. Bruce also called my sister, Sandy, to pass on the information.
- Pray chain started immediately on Facebook.
- Stacy works at Memorial in the pharmacy. She had heard the code called and it was her turn to respond. Thank God, a co-worker offered to take her place. She saw that Ryan was in the ER and went to see what he was there she entered the ER a large group of employees was around the trauma door...turned to look at her...she saw in their faces that is was serious and it was Ryan! (This is hard to bring back...bringing back all the emotions of that day)
- One girl told her that she had never seen so much blood in the trauma room.
- Ryan's phone was locked so the ER was having trouble contacting next of kin. Another miracle that Stacy arrived to give them that information. PLEASE EVERYONE - behind your driver's license put a list of emergency contacts!!
- Told that if Ryan made the flight to OUMC in OKC he would most likely loose his leg. It was crushed between his motorcycle and the wheel of the bus.
- James arrived just before Ryan was sent to OKC. He told me it was bad seeing him like that and was having a hard time keeping it together. Not knowing if when he saw him next in OKC ...
- Our daughter, Michele, works in OKC. She and Ryan's sister-in-law, Kristen met the helicopter when it arrived at OUMC.
- I'm not sure I even know all of Ryan's injuries - brain trauma, lungs bruised severely, fractures include: ribs, 2 vertebra, both orbits, right cheek, arm and leg, ruptured bladder, crushed pelvis. Each moment he was with us was a miracle.
It was too late in the day for us to be able to pack up and leave that day so we left the next morning not knowing...and I asked no one to call me while we were traveling. I could not handle driving and getting any bad news.
Pictures from Lawton Constitution

Ryan on Sept 21 posted by his momma on FB