Monday, September 14, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada - Las Vegas RV Resort - Week 1

Las Vegas RV Resort - Site 358
Feb. 8, 2009 (Sunday)
Up and onward. Headed for Las Vegas via 95 through the east side of California. Very barren empty land for hundreds of miles. Sure glad we didn’t have any mechanical problems on that stretch. Stopped in Needles for lunch - Bruce noticed that one of the trailer tires was split in the tread! A real miracle that it had not blown and that he saw it. He put on the spare and we made it into Vegas with any issue!  Shew!! Linda and Phil Slabaugh are here and were awaiting our arrival. We are in site 358, the row right behind them. Park looks the same as last year except a new sign with the new name - Las Vegas RV Resort.

Feb 9, 2009 (Monday)
Cool and cloudy, already missing the weather in the Rio Grande Valley!

Feb 12, 2009 (Thursday)
Went with Linda to Curves. Had a good workout! Going to try it a few times to see if I’ll stick to it.

Feb 14, 2009 (Saturday)
Went to a Doobie Brothers Concert at the Hilton. A fun concert, and as usual, a great time watching people. Didn’t know that there were so many old hippies still hanging out. Before the concert ate at the buffet at the Hilton, was good but not $19 worth.