Sunday, August 28, 2016

Windshield Shade Project

After getting a couple of very expensive price quotes for a windshield shade, we decided to tackle it ourselves. We bought some "Coolaroo" shade fabric and some "EZ Snaps". The fabric was ordered from ebay because we could get it quicker than from Lowes. the EZ Snaps are a Canadian company.
Our last price was quoted at over $600 but that was for the windshield and the two side cockpit windows. We have right at $50 in our windshield. The "Coolaroo" was a 6' X 15' roll for about $18.

First, we attached the base for the EZ Snaps. We chose the ones with the adhesive backing instead of the ones with screws for the body.

Then we just cut the fabric to the approximate size of the windshield and attached it to the posts on the EZ Snaps.

It may not be quite as form fitting as those real expensive ones, but we think it turned out nice. Now we will see if we notice the drastic reduction in heat coming through the windshield like we hope we do. Looks pretty nice if we may say so ourselves!

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