Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Roaring Forks Motor Nature Trail - Gatlinburg, TN

What a beautiful day for a drive on the Roaring Forks Motor Nature Trail! This is the road going into the park. Once you enter the park, the road is a one way, one lane road. A beautiful, relaxing drive to see mother nature at her finest!
 I just took a quick shot of this cabin as we drove by it. I think it was the Ogle cabin but I'm not sure. We already want to go back and do some more exploring and this will be one of the stops next time.
There are several pull outs along the road to be able to stop and enjoy the scenery.

We stopped at the Bales Place to stretch our legs and get a small glimpse of what life was like in the early 1900's.

So sad the vandalism but loved the 3 doors lining up. I'm sure this helped with ventilation during the warm summer months.

I thought the fences on this property were so interesting. It helped with the visualization of life back then. To picture kids running along the fence. Chickens out in the yard. Cows mooing from the barn. Such a simple, yet hard life.

 The babbling brook that created such a sound throughout the yard and even up to the cabin.
One of the roadside waterfalls. I appreciate the fact that our government has preserved this wonderful area!

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